The Pros Of Selling A House Without An Agent

There are so many factors to consider when selling a house, but perhaps no decision is as difficult as whether to sell it without an agent. There are pros and cons of this approach, and the right decision will depend on your personal needs. You can view here to read more.


  1. You get to choose the price

Acting as your own agent means you can set the price. This should be done if you plan to sell the property for more than 50% of what you paid for it. By making the final decision on a price, you may end up with a higher sale price than if you had an agent negotiate for you.

  1. You get to choose the buyer

If you know how much your property is worth, then you can set the price yourself, and even show it to other potential buyers around town before making a sale. This approach gives you more control over the sale of your home, which will ultimately result in a better final price for yourself.

  1. You get to select the buyer

If you decide to sell your home without an agent, then you can choose to sell it yourself. You will have more knowledge about your property and its features, which may lead to a higher price.

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  1. You save on commission

As a seller, you will be responsible for negotiating the final price with the buyer. This could be done directly with the potential buyer, or through a third-party broker who can help with the negotiation of the final sale price. With either option, you can save money on commission. If you are able to negotiate a higher price, then the decrease in commission won’t be an issue.

  1. You can negotiate a discount

The fact that you are handling the negotiation process will give you an advantage over other sellers who don’t have this same advantage. You may be able to receive a lower price than others who sell their homes through an agent (especially if they set their price too high).

  1. You could sell at a higher price

If you can separate your emotions from the property, then you will be able to negotiate a higher price and better terms for yourself. It is important to remember that your decision to sell the property does not mean that you no longer care about it. The buyer will likely be very emotional about purchasing your home, so there is a good chance that they won’t see the flaws that bother you.