Diamonds: A gift of timeless beauty

Natural diamonds are very valuable and coveted in the field of gemology. Though synthetic diamonds are produced in laboratories around the world today, it can never replace the exquisiteness of a natural diamond.

A flawless diamond has immeasurable worth and is very precious. There are many inclusions in the characteristics of the diamond that makes each diamond unique.

Following mining, there are several different processes before the diamond is converted to it’s finally form that is set in jewelry. Cutting a diamond is a very fragile and complicated process which requires experience and scientific knowledge of the stone as well as suitable tools and skill. After cutting, a diamond is polished in order to be shaped properly and this is conducted in several stages. The flaws in the stone, either induced by the process or inherent in the stone are concealed through diamond enhancement techniques. The Enhancement techniques employed are mainly re-polishing, crack filling or arrangement in the jewelry in such a manner that the flaws are hidden.

Naturally enhancements and what they are

Naturally enhanced diamonds are diamonds that have been obtained from nature but which undergo specific treatments in order to enhance the gemological characteristics and thus the value of the gem. By this process, the inclusions are removed, internal cracks are made invisible and naturally mined colored diamonds such as yellow and brown diamonds are made a more vibrant and interesting shade. These processes improve the appearance of the diamond and improve its clarity. Such diamonds are available at a fraction of the price of a natural diamond that possesses similar characteristics and yet is more precious than a synthetic lab-produced diamond.

Let diamonds speak of your love

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