The Effects Of Interest Rates On The Housing Market

Interest rates are the key to understanding housing prices, not the other way around. Interest rates and a number of other factors go hand in hand to create a unique dynamic for every region and market. With interest rates reaching levels never before seen, it is imperative that people take notice. The life of the average 30-year fixed mortgage is roughly 20 years, meaning it is not going anywhere and will continue to grow. Insuring the future of yourself and your loved ones can be accomplished simply by being open to all possibilities. To get the inside track, visit

Here are the effects of interest rates on the housing market.

Interest Rates and Inflation

Interest rates have an immense impact on inflation. The long-term effects of inflation have a significant role in planning for your future. Inflation occurs when the supply of money is greater than demand, causing prices to slowly increase. Inflation can also occur when there is a supply deficit, causing the prices of certain goods and services to increase. When inflation occurs, your income will be able to purchase less. Therefore, if you fail to save in advance, your income will not allow you to buy the same items now as it would have in the past. To find out what’s happening behind the scenes, click here


Home Purchase

Interest rates are directly related to foreclosure rates. When foreclosures start, it has a significant impact on everyone. The ripple effect can be seen in the surrounding area as properties are sold off in an attempt to salvage whatever they can to avoid foreclosure. Foreclosure causes the value of all property in an area to decrease. It is not uncommon for companies, banks and homeowners to take losses from this process; however, few feel it until it is too late.

Tax Deferral

Interest rates play a role during tax deferral periods. With the rising rates on mortgage loans, it is not uncommon for people to purchase less expensive homes now before the prices rise any further. This causes a shortage of more affordable homes, forcing people to save more money and spend more time looking for their dream home. On the other hand, if you are purchasing an investment property, your profit will be higher due to the lower prices of these homes.