What Are The Suitable Jobs For Bizsafe Level 2 Course?

Safety is the priority of every business.  It ensures everyone in the workplace is safe. Thus, every business should have learnings and knowledge about the risk management plan. Companies with Bizsafe recognition obtained bizSAFE STAR.

The risk management course bizsafe level 2 is suitable for the following jobs:

  • Health and Safety Personnel
  • Line supervisors
  • Management
  • Risk management champions
  • Team leaders

What does bisSAFE STAR mean?

A bisSAFE STAR recognizes a company’s WSHMS (Workplace Safety and Health Management System) can identify, manage, and control a workplace’s hazards and risks in compliance with international standards and WSH (Workplace Safety and Health).

Risk management implementation plan

What the Bizsafe level 2 course contains is about developing a risk management implementation plan. The course plays an important role in ensuring the safety and health policies of the company are in practice. Attending the course helps a company in Risk Assessment and implementation after understanding the requirements needed for designing an RMP (Risk Management Plan).

Participants are expected to have a detailed knowledge of the company’s services/products and would practice effective problem-solving and decision-making. The company becomes proactive on issues like safety hazards and managing them.

What happens during the bizSAFE level 2 course?

During the bizSAFE level 2 course, the participants will be learning how to develop an implementable risk management plan that benefits their organization. The participants can create a more practical and successful plan by knowing the needed tasks that must be taken and how risks are minimized.

The bizSAFE level 2 course provides the participants with practical suggestions on the following:

  1. how to form a risk management team
  2. to control and monitor risks
  3. appropriate measures to take after identifying the risks

risk management course bizsafe level 2

The learners practice the risk management skills and knowledge gained to ensure they have understood what they learnt. The course is conducted in English and will be held for more than two days, to give the learners enough time to learn all the needed information.

What does the course provide to the learners?

The unit provides learners with an opportunity to practice and apply the skills and knowledge learnt for the following:

  • producing a practical risk management plan for the company
  • conduct hazard identification
  • apply risk assessment methodology
  • implement a hierarchy of controls mitigating risks
  • hazard communication through classroom practices and discussions

The course helps companies in preparing risk management plans to meet the requirements of the risk management code of practice.