Tips to Buy Dash Cameras for Bike?

Dashboard cameras are most important for the bikes to protect and boost safety for the riders. It highly helps to track and record the incidents and traffic on the road the riders are traveling or moving. These cameras have two classifications; one is single-channel, and the other is dual-channel.

  • A single-channel camera will operate and capture the happening in front of the bike using the forward-facing lens. They also refer to it as a front-facing dash camera.
  • Dual-channel cameras are useful to capture the incident from both the rear and front. The reason for having the rear-view is that it will help to identify if someone hits the bike from behind, and if it happens, you can submit the captured recordings as evidence for the hit-and-run accident.

Importance of Dash Cameras and their uses:

  • Helps to record any accidents or incidents and the footage will be the firm evidence to identify the mistake is from your end or the opposite party when you take the case to court and also for claiming the insurance from the respective insurance company.
  • If you are a travel-loving person, then these dash cams help record the scenic roads during your riding. And you can share the footage with blogs or with your friends later.
  • Helps to reduce road rage and to report any reckless driving in your surroundings.
  • It is a must-have solution to handle and save you from tricky situations.
  • Aids in tracking the driving skill and speeds.
  • Helps fleet managers and business owners to track their vehicles and stops any fraudulent activities.

Factors to consider while buying Dashboard cameras:

As there are a wide variety of products and brand are available in the market, it is not a simple task to find the best motorcycle dash cam for safety. The basic criteria to consider before buying these cameras are:

  • It should be high-quality and durable. Only the product made of high-quality material will give a longer life.
  • The dash cameras in the motorbikes will get exposed to rain, heat, dust, and snow. Hence you need to invest in a product that is water, dust, and heat-resistant.
  • For any cameras, the video quality should be important and the quality will purely depend on the resolution. So, get a camera that has a resolution of 1080 or 1440 pixels.
  • Select the one which has the automatic on and off functionality. It should start and stop the recording automatically depending on the ignition. Hence, it will eliminate the manual effort of starting the camera whenever people start the bike.
  • Choose the one with a smaller size, easy installation, and simple controls using modern technology.
  • The other features to consider wide-angle, night vision, SD card recording, g-sensors to detect any vibrations, and the software application to connect the camera to computers and mobile phones.
  • It should have the auto-looping option to loop automatically when the storage device is full.