The reasons why you should not use any free proxy site

Tech giants and governments from around the world still want to pursue diminishing online privacy. It is by using strict surveillance laws and privacy policies. The users will slowly be drawn to anonymous web browsing. That means it improves their privacy and accessing the websites that are not available in their country or work network.

How do web proxies work?

Mostly the internet users have located comfort in using web proxies. By means to enter the internet in disguise. Most of the web proxies are giving free to open proxies. It is slightly provided because it is popular. A web proxy is a computer that operates as an intermediary connecting you and a website. It will give you the chance to browse the website in disguise.

When you connect to a web proxy server and search on the web page. The proxy will answer by reaching out to the website and gaining a request to the web page. It will send it back to you and you can now view the web. The advantage of using it is that you can go through the proxy and you can only view the proxies’ internet address. It is a great way to browse the web without indicating your actual internet address to the sites you are browsing.

Although the problem when you are using Free Proxies is that you might not know who is running them. It could be a legitimate company that has other business practices or intelligence agencies. But a proxy server takes the cover of your identity and any form of activities from the sites you are browsing. It can see everything you are doing. This also deals with trust.

Using free web proxies are not fixed

Most free web proxies are not fixed or dependable. There is a computer program that checks a free web proxy. For you to know if there are proxies that are allowing encrypted web traffic. And if there are proxy attempts to change website content or insert ads to the user’s browser course.

Are there any other options?

For those who are using or maintaining web proxies. According to Haschek, they made a free tool. To help you to verify when a given proxy is not using web content or pushing the users to load an unencrypted web page. Although you can also use another alternative like VPN.

VPN contributes to the earnings in monthly or yearly service. It contributes to maintaining their operations. They are avoiding operating web content or trafficking to insert ads. All the VPN services are giving a thought to the customer’s privacy. For you to be safe you need to let go of the keeping logs of your web browsing activities. It is absorbing unpleasant practices.